He didn't reply?

Me and this guy have been dating casually. We were having fun chatting since he was stuck somewhere it was raining and i was just at my home.

Thing is i thought we were doing a banter since he likes to joke around and goes overboard with his jokes sometimes (his jokes are sometimes offending too but he always say that he is just kidding) anyway, i said a joke and he didn't like my reply.

He said: “...”
“I dont know what to reply to what i just read”

I said i was sorry and i was jk. He started it.
Its been 4days he didn't reply to me.
Am i right for not messaging him again? Because i already apologized and told him i was jk.
I didn't want to look i was clingy or desperate for his attention since i said sorry already (i am truly sorry didn't know he would be shookt.) or should i message him again?

The joke was he was talking about getting a sexy classy pic from me but i didn't want to send one ofcourse.

Actually i am kinda confused. When its him its okay to joke around even if sometimes its offending but when its my time to make a joke which was also true he got shocked and now not replying to me :/ double standards much


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