Boyfriend's mother is being too interfering/protective of him? Help?

My boyfriend and I have been together for nearly 3 years. He's near 20, I'm 18. We're heading to university next year and we're going to share the same student house, so we would have company. We're talking about getting engaged anytime soon also, as having spent 3 years together we know this is right for us. However, I can't deal with the lies we have to tell his mother. She's interferes with EVERYTHING we do. Trying to book a Uni open day, she's giving off about us sharing the same hotel. Booking a holiday, she gives off because it's not appropriate. Going to a nightclub for a night out, we lie and say we're going to the cinema late show. Her son's nearly 20... I appreicate she's religious but this is just too much. My bfs older brother is 21 and gets anything he wants and he doesn't even have a steady girlfriend. Yet my boyfriend is under such tight control. His parents and I get along but recently I'm really struggling with the lies we have to tell them.. And how they're interfering so much. My parents are annoyed at her too, as I'm the younger one out of us both so it surely should be my family freaking out! My mum and dad are completely okay with this all by the way. Please help me. It's putting a strain on our relationship and I don't know what to do 😭


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  • Well... If she's gonna be this way then you have to power through it. Not much you can do except hope that as time goes by she loosens her tight grip on your boyfriend.


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