Need advice on what to do with girl?

Alright so Im in college and im 24. This girl i met she just turned 22. When we first met we hit it off good. We never started out as friends. She was all over from the start. She told me she liked me even before we had sex, and that she's not as sexual as most girls. So we went out a lot togetherbe it lunches, dinners, going food shopping once a week together etc. We hooked up and messed around. We did a lot together over the course of the 7 months weve been talking. This girl always showed affection towards me, touching my hair, giving me random kisses, and telling me she likes me to my face several times...

I never asked her out. I like her and all but I just couldnt at the time. Now she went away for a month to study abroad she comes back and we go out and i ask her to be my girlfriend she told me that she can only offer her pure friendship and that she sees me more as a friend. So I go ok you know i lost my chance thats fair... but also its weird because 2 weeks prior while she was studying abroad she texted me drunk telling me she wants me but i carried on anyway..

this whole talk happened a month ago. Since this talk this girl has been texting me non stop. She invited to her bday dinner with her friends. She was all over me there. Feeding me with her fork and just touching me. Then we hung out another night and she was getting all close to me and just acting nervous in my presence and laughing at everything i did/said.

I don’t know if this matters but when she told me she liked me in the past there was one night she randomly told me she was single. She asked me if like her and i sort of hesitated and said yeah as a friend, and she just said i dont kiss my friends. So I dont know if she's being spiteful? But she's a really nice girl so I don't know. Im also not gonna ask her out again because i already did a month ago...


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  • Well, it does Sound like you lost your Chance. Enjoy what you had, learn the lessons from this and talk to other Girls while maintaining your friendship with her. With Girls, you have to be decisive when the window of opportunity opens, because it won't stay open forever.


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