Has anyone ever tried match. com or eharmony for dating?

I’m single and find it super hard to meet people in person. I’ve tried tinder, POF, Okcupid, bumble but haven’t found the right guy yet. Friends keep telling me to try eharmony and pay a membership, that maybe I’ll find someone who wants something serious since they’re also paying for a membership. Would you recommend this?
Yeah, I have come across my fair share of fboys. For every nice guy I have to go through 10 fboys.


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  • The places you have tried are for sluts, fboys, fatties, and a fair share of prostitutes.

    I used match. com back when it was free, and it worked then.

    I don't use eharmony, but I would think you would have a much better chance of meeting someone there that is looking for a relationship.

    Not all good sites require the women to pay, but unless someone is paying, it can't be very good.


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  • I did and the guy was 409 pounds, so I sued him for being dishonest

    • Did his profile say he was 409?

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    • Ha ha, ya I figured that out about 2 seconds after hitting the enter key on my keyboard and seeing your follow up comment. So not a love connection, but hey at least you tried.

    • We did. I had a good time with him. He was bigger but he want huge.

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  • sounds like a much better approach. More serious lookers and less just hookups

  • I tried it, was crap. Only pay to win and scum

  • No I didn't


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