What does it mean if a guy checks out your Instagram or Facebook story everyday?

I have a male friend on my Instagram and Facebook whom I used to work with, and we had a fun working relationship. He was dating somebody at the time, but he would throw an occasional flirty comment my way. We don't really speak that much except maybe to like each other's status on rare occasion. I noticed though, that he's always checking out my story on Instagram and Facebook. I'm not opposed 2 going on a date with him, because I've always kind of liked him. Being the shy woman that I am though, I won't make a move. I'm hoping that him liking a couple of my pictures and him checking out my story everyday is a good sign. Am I reading too much into this, or am I just getting my hopes up here? If this is a good sign that maybe he's attracted, then how would I open up a conversation here? Thanks for any help in advance.


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  • i don't know if you caption your photos, but you should. it opens up a dialogue for people wanting to comment. if he comments, then he might be interested.

    • Caption my photos? I don't do that, but that is a great idea. I shall try that.

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