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So I dated a guy like 3 or 4 years ago for like 4 months and then he broke it off because he told me he didn't have the same feelings for me. He got a girlfriend a couple months later and dated her for a couple years and then they broke he's chasing after me...idk what to do...I kinda have a thing for my best guy friend but I'm chicken to do anything about it...I mean I want to see if things will work out with my best guy friend first but who knows when that will happen. Should I just go with my gut and tell him or should I go back to my ex?


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  • If your ex just got out of a serious long-term relationship he is more then likely looking at you as a rebound to help him get over his recent relationship. If you get back together with him don't expect it to last any longer then it takes him to either get over or get back together with the X. As far as your guy 'friend' is concerned there are a couple of things that you need to take into consideration; 1) Have you slept with him before? If you sleep with a guy without being in a relationship and it doesn't immediately result in a relationship then he has no interest in being with you for anything other then a friend with benefits. 2) If you haven't slept with him and you decide to pursue him then you need to drop some subtle hints to let him know you are interested but allow him to pursue you. Despite what pop culture will tells you is cool guys do not respect girls who throw openly themselves at them, never have and never will.


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