What will it take to find JUST ONE 18 or 19 year old girl without a romantic history to fall in love with me?

No previous boyfriends or male friends whom she has had feelings for. This means any romantic bond whatsoever.


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  • They're out there but they're hiding. I guess I'd say I'm one myself but I definitely felt pressured to hide it as more of my friends started dating, etc.

    • I want a girl like you so bad there is no words. My heart bleeds for a girl like you. As long as you are pretty, you are perfect.

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    • If I found a girl like you, I would never let her go.

    • You’ll find her, I know it. It’s the ones you least expect

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  • A young girl who hasn't yet realized that she's a lesbian would be perfect for you.

    • Been there. She was 16; I was 20. She turned out to be a lesbian.

    • See? Perfect for you.

      You just need to make sure the next one either never gets a chance to figure out she's a lesbian, or find one that's so religiously oppressed that she can't acknowledge the reality.

    • Although I suppose, if you could find a truly asexual girl, that would work too. She'd have to be willing to put out enough for kids if you want them, and be ok with you cheating on her (unless you're asexual yourself of of course.)

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  • Really insecure, huh?

    • I want me and a girl to be each others first loves. No relationships from her youth at all

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    • But there is the hypothetical situation that exists to where it could potentially be sweeter to reunite with someone a girl loved when she was younger, even though she chooses not to let that happen.

    • You think I will find her?

  • A miracle

    • It is going to happen or there will be severe consequences

    • What you’re going to kidnap a teen who grew up in a convent?
      It’s a mystery why you’re single

    • It should not be THAT hard to find THAT ONE girl that meets my criteria. Pretty. Never had a first love. Never had a boyfriend. Never had that male best friend where they secretly loved each other but never expressed it.

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