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Pretty much I’m in between picking 2 guys one said he’ll always be there and he “loves” me but thinks he’s not the one for me but will continue to do and go everywhere with me just not official I guess. The other is super flirty I’ve done more with him in that way than the other but he’s not as cute but actually really gets me and I think would want to make it official but is kinda a player soooo it’s between the cute smart and not so sexual guy or the flirty kinda player guy and my friends and everyone else is split down the middle I honestly don’t want to lose either.


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  • I say that a guy saying he "Loves you" right off the bat is a red flag to me.

    • why that’s apparently what he told my friend but honesty he can be really like flirty at times then like the exact opposite I just don’t know where he’s at rn

    • Personally I say wait and see who's actually more devoted. Maybe one of them are just saying things, I don't know.

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