Guys, no message yet.. is this guy worth it?

Long story short
A guy and I were eyeing each other off for months at gym. We finally spoke and have been training together a lot and spend hours talking in the car park for ba couple weeks now and have learnt a lot about each other. The other night he kissed me out of the blue then yesterday again we kissed as we were saying goodbye. I’ve mentioned swapping numbers before and nothing so Last night I ripped a piece of paper with my number on it and gave it to him.

We will see each other tonight at gym but he hasn’t messaged me yet? Is this strange?

he's a really sarcastic person and it’s taken awhile for me to understand his humour as he bags me a lot. He has a lot of trouble opening up and saying how he feels and seems to use humour to cover it up.

I dont know what to think anymore
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Turns out he lied. He ended up messaging me to tell me he has a girlfriend and he’s sorry for lying and that he really likes me and wants to end it with her


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  • He sounds socially awkward with the sarcastic humor. Give it time and see how it unfolds.

    • Ah I see your update. There's a method to his madness... LOL

    • Such a crappy situation :(

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