How do I know what he thinks of our dates?

How do I know it actually really was a DATE? Does he have crush on me? I'm ready to move forward but how do I know he wants it too?
Also he sais lot of deep things, tho he is high. Words don't mean a lot to me but how do I know he is serious about it?
I took 2 hours flight to see him I always talked about my feelings straight forward. And now I want it to be his turn.. to show me what am I to him. I feel like if i got too demanding it would make things just weird. What signals could I give him?


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What Guys Said 2

  • Just ask him in serious tone
    Look i love you and i respect your feelings , but do you love me as well
    We guys prefer straight forward proposal more than some unwanted mery go round proposal
    And if he says no than respect it

    • Do nothing, like i said talk to him straight away he will show his feelings either by actions or by thoughts

  • You gotta read his mind.


What Girls Said 1

  • Just say it in 1 sentence. Wait to hear his responze without you explaining anything.. just listen to what he says. Beyond the people say anything high.


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