Could this be setting things up or just good friends?

I've been at my work for 8 months, and I developed a really good relationship and friendship with a girl who works there.
We have talked about family issues, work and personal issues and got pretty close. She helped me with a breakup and she has always come to talk to me about her boyfriend.
She recently came to me asking for my options for several things that have come up. Her boyfriend has been acting different and being upset over a lot of minor things, he wasn't Happy she wanted to go have a girls weekend with her friends. He also wasn't happy that she was hanging out with friends and there were more guys than girls. She has said if he's not happy, he should just break up with her and she has said she's been becoming increasingly frustrated.
Unfortunately we mainly talk about my issues, but hers have been more apparent.
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  • the truth is you should be really good friends with anyone you're dating. those two things aren't mutually exclusive. if she's just going through a breakup or will be soon this is not the time to move in romantically unless she makes the first move. just keep supporting her as a friend and if you want to be with her, there will eventually be a good time for you to ask her if she wants to date. just don't force it. dating is just a different form of friendship, not necessarily an upgrade. if you're interested in a relationship with her just form a relationship with her, and don't be too worried about whether it involves kissing or not. (also, her boyfriend sounds like an asshole. stopping her from doing things she wants to just because he doesn't like it is a huge red flag for abuse. good for her for standing up to him.)


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