What markers does society use to judge a woman’s high level of desirability?


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  • Society doesn't judge; people do. Is there an aggregate effect that may appear to extend to society as a whole? Yes but that is an illusion. Don't get caught in that logical trap.

    • But there must be a general preference albeit slightly different for each individual...

    • Its hard to argue that there exists an all encompassing general preference for guys when there are guys who are willing to date even the most unattractive of females. They might not be common, sure, but I definitely cannot make a "for every male" proof with it.

    • No. as Ausmaster points out, the differences in individuals is MUCH greater than you suggest. Oh, there are some obvious things that are almost universally looked down on. Asymmetrical features are the obvious one. So is body odor, or ragged, dirty clothing. Almost anything that suggests hygiene issues, really. But that's about it. Women actually have a broader degree of choice than males do, with respect to clothing or appearance.

  • If she looks good, she looks good.

  • body and face?


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