I'm about to start going out and dating any advice? I'm a guy.

Any advice would be appreciated.


20 year old, college junior relatively quiet.

looks: anywhere in the 6.5-8.5 out of 10

Live in an apartment with 4 other guy friends. My major is scienctific-y so literally NO girls in my classes.

I go to a party school. Much like Univ. of Florida or Texas. Problem is my friends aren't those types of party people.


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  • There are many things:

    Cliched yes but ultimately the most essential: Be comfortable with who you are and be confident. Don't be afraid to 'mess up' in front of a girl. Don't be fake. She should accept you the way you REALLY are. And you are not any girl's doormat. Be humorous and friendly, not arrogant or cocky.

    Wear the latest fashion. Style a cool hair cut. Trim you nails, brush your teeth, wash your hair, shave, invest money on yourself, it's really worth the price and it boosts your confidence. If you gave me a bit more information about your appearance I would have added what fashion works for you, but anyways, you can work it out. Google is your best friend.

    Hang out with new guys and expand your social circle. Be friendly around girls, and if you like a girl, don't be afraid to ask her out. Being turned down is not a big deal, it's really just over rated.

    And don't be desperate, take it slow. You will not get a girlfriend unless you get a Girl FRIEND first. Socialize well. The important thing is you have fun. Do it for yourself, not for people to see.

    And regardless how it goes, ultimately every guys gets a girl so don't worry.

    Hope this helps, ask any more questions if you want to, Good luck!

    -Ali Mahad.


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  • Be yourself, even if that is cliche'd, there's a good point. When your married she'll find out you don't own a red ferrari.

    Just because she looks like an angel, doesn't mean she is one, so don't be scared.

    Keep your confidence up, repeat, IM RICK JAMES BITCH in your head.

    and don't use pickup lines.


    I've been in a relationship for nearly 3 years now.

    My dating knowledge is slowly submitting itself into hiding

  • sucks that you can't meet any girls in your class, join some uni activities and meet some guys that DO like to party, or even better, meet some girls, put yourself out there