Where am I with her?

I recently asked this girl out for a coffee date and all she said was "I'm sorry I have to fly to a meeting." She didn't offer another time to meet. I saw her last night at an event and suggested we should meet up. She said after the 13th. So before last night I was sure she wasn't interested but since last night she offered a different time to meet, now I'm not so sure. Thoughts?


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  • Just Focus on making your meetup interesting. You'll have a better idea of how interested she is after the meetup.

  • She doesn't seem to be that interested and likely has something/someone else occupying her time. Or she is playing hard to get (games are immature). Lock down a date and time and ask her again, if she comes up with another excuse move on. If she was playing a game she will come begging once she sees you are not desperate.

    • She definitely has something occupying her, not sure about someone else though.

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