Do all girlfriends become a wife? Or do guys find a wife while with their girlfriend?


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  • We date to see if there is a connection that can blossom into a long-term relationship. If after time trust and love build then yes a girlfriend can become a wife. Don't agree that guys find wives out of the blue when they are with someone else.

    • So if a guy is messing around on his girlfriend with other girls rather it’s his ex or random girls, is that his way of showing/ saying that she probably isn’t the one he will marry?

    • My mom and dad have been married for 20 years and they dated for like 4-5 years before they got married and my mom is pretty open with me and my sister about how they relationship started and the ups and downs and she mentioned how she knew my dad never cheated on her because for the most part they were always together. And she trusted him and he trusted her and they actually had to take the time to get to know each other face to face, real conversation outside of text and social media. So I guess some girlfriends do become wives and stay married for a long time.

    • My parents celebrated their 40th anniversary in January, congrats to your parents! Mom says dating Dad was just meant to be a fling, she wasn't serious about him in the beginning but it turned into a relationship primarily due to chemistry and he didn't put up with her games and shit tests. They have never cheated on each other and I have never cheated. So if a guy is messing around and keeping that flirtation from his girlfriend that is cheating and he doesn't value her long-term. It's actually less a judgement of her and more showing how immature he is. Hopefully he will grow up and realize it's better to pursue a long-term relationship with one person and understand how much extra intimacy and trust that can turn into rather than just messing around.

  • Do all girlfriends become a wife? No
    Or do guys find a wife while with their girlfriend? No

    It all depends on what happens


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  • If all girl friends became wives then no one would break up, we would all get married and then maybe divorced.


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