Do girls in their 20's date up? How can guys at the same age catch up?

Out of college, girls typical date career established men from what i see. but a guy at the same age typically struggles unless he had a girlfriend from college. How can a guy in his early 20's compete to offer the same security and support a career established man offers?


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What Girls Said 1

  • Most date someone on their own level.

    • I went to a work party a few days ago, the executives had partners that were around my age. im 23

    • There are still enough girls to go around even if the executives have young partners. Don't worry about 10% of girls who date executives.

What Guys Said 2

  • Of course they do. Older guys are smarter, better looking, have more money, and better in the sack. You really can't compete on the same level.
    You get there by living, being awesome, and actually giving yourself time to grow up and mature. A guy doesn't even fully form brain function 'till 25. Don't be in a hurry.
    The good news is guys peak their SMV about 35, women about 23. So when they're starting to slide down the hill you're still climbing.

    • I'm just missing out on so much. Im 23 and never dated, it's pathetic.

    • You need three things to be a hit with the ladies...
      confidence. Irrational confidence.

      So you start by hitting the gym, hard, and make a ton of dough. You'll gain confidence for the effort. Soon you'll be beating them off with a stick.
      And never forget, YOU ARE THE PRIZE! So start acting like it.

      And you need some better game, so go here and read:

      Bitches ain't shit. :)

  • most girls date around their own age, most girls are not looking to date someone for money, i hate the ones that do but dont assume that is most girls because that simply isn't true


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