If you can not tell if a girl likes you as more than a friend. Should that be taken as she doesn't?

So Pretty much the question above. I get anxious and overthink a lot.

She is social but also introverted.

We talk in general, and she doesn't mind me being around. She's been moving and is really independent so I'm not really helping just being present.

We've hung out a bit, always just the two of us. Mostly helping her move stuff. And we are suppose to go river kayaking before the end of September.

We use to to text more often, though circumstances make texting less relevant. I literally have a chance to see her everyday.

Some things come across super cute. Like the cat noise when she's moving boxes and stuff. To the way shell thank me with helping her when she's being stubborn trying to do something herself.

She has guys friends and acts different ly around then (known them longer (and former ex's)


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  • Friend zoned?

    • Unsure tbh. My/our situation makes this weird. And I have asked if she's dating anyone. And she replied "no, no really". And kind of laughed about it. I've only known her for about 2 months.

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