What to do when your SO doesn't reply after a few hours? Read the details?

Basically my boyfriend is pissed at me and I have no clue... he texted me three hours ago saying to ‘find it out myself’ and I texted him I have no idea sorry...

and then I tried calling him and texted and asked again... and all he replied was he is driving (two hours ago) and has been online couple of times already... I told him to get back to me when he can and he hasn't.. and I am really worried... should I text again or leave it?
Please help 😂


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  • Leave it. He will contact you when he is ready. Nagging him and badgering him will just make him take longer.

    And are you really sure you are 100% innocent? I'm not defending his childish reaction, but I have a feeling you're not telling the whole story

    • Okay.. No I don't know where the problem is or why he is pissed... we are in this group chat for a meet up and we all had a convo about meeting on Friday but that’s it... then he got pissed and I have no clue why...

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    • I have a hunch there's something being left out...

      But just leave him alone for now. Don't text him tonight nor tomorrow morning unless he does first

    • There is nothing else like I don't know why... so no good night? Because we always do that...

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  • Maybe just leave him be for a few hours. if he's not willing to talk about it, there's nothing you can really do.
    I can't really give too much, I've never been in such a situation. The only meaningful relationship of sorts I've had is with my male friends with benefits. We've never had anger on such a level, and even if he tried to do this no talking stuff, we have an agreement that he lives here rent-free in exchange for facesitting when I want so like... I could just smother him until he agrees to talk.
    All my female relationships I've never been in something like this.


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  • Leave it. He'll text you back when he's good and ready. Let him cool it off and concentrate on other stuff in the meantime.



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