Is dating awkward for everyone? Or just me?

Is dating always awkward at the beginning — even when you like the person you are dating? Or is awkwardness a sign that it isn’t a good fit?

I have been on 3 dates with this guy and I really like him. But I am still feeling kind of awkward around him and sometimes I struggle to come up with topics to talk about. Am I doing something wrong? Like should we wrap things up earlier? We both seem to want the date to keep going (as in, I will think we are wrapping up and then he will ask If I want to [take a walk, have another drink, sit outside, whatever...] and I will happily agree), but we run out of stuff to say.

Is awkwardness during early dates normal? Or is it a sign that we are trying to put chemistry on a situation where there is no chemistry?


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  • It's awkward for you because you're letting it be. Dont worry about doing something dumb. Be yourself and talk to him like you talk to your friends but this friend just so happens to be someone you like. Make jokes, be confident, and dont be afraid to ask questions or talk to him.


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  • It's a little bit awkward when new


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