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What would you do if you started talking 2 a friend from work sister and y'all are dating and everything like perfectly fine and then one day her parents block you on her Facebook and like she still talks to you and everything liketext and. Call but she's also became friends with your ex because your ex sent her a message trying to downgrade you anf they start talking but at the same time she's staying over at your house when she's off of work and she tells you she loves you and she brings her son her kid over and let everything happen y'all play nurse inserts calling you Daddy you get attached. Y'all go out and do stuff as a family and stuff then get unblocked and a coulple of days later you get blocked on everything call text fb and still came over and said I love you what would you do if somebody did that


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  • Well, thats a bit a tough of and i wouldn't trust the situation. The tough part is your ex who is trying to get in the mix. Id tell her to back off and tell my girl that im dating that we should move pass this, the parents. Id feel kinda bad as i always want the girls parents to be happy with me. But i look at it like this. Things will fall into place. I wouldn't worry to much about them. deal with ex first. The parents can be dealt with later.

    • Thing is. I have told her that and. See would come over here and let me see what they had said and. Laugh about it but. I don't understand y I'm getting blocked all the time after she and her son comes to the house fore. 3 days or so. I haven't talked to her in a week bc I'm blocked and I'm ready to give up

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    • I just don't know. How to get ahold of her to tell her. During to I'm blocked. And. I took it as. We was over the first time. I was blocked but. I gave her the. Benefit of a doubt bc I loved her and. So. Yea.

    • Love will make us over look some flaws. Not even your own friend can't get pass it. But because we care and hold to. This is what we get. Just go on move on with or without her.

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