Is it okay to pick a popular girl over an unpopular one?

Both girls like me, but I like the popular one and wanna date her instead


Most Helpful Girl

  • It’s fine as long as you didn’t choose her purely over the fact that she’s popular.


Most Helpful Guy

  • just as long as you're picking her for her personality and because you like her instead of because she's more popular. you wouldn't be doing the unpopular one any favours by only dating her because of pity, she deserves someone who likes her for her, and you deserve to be with the person you want not the person you think you should be with


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What Girls Said 1

  • No it is not ok
    Because she is gonna 1. Be a drama queen 2. Be bossy 3. Probably cheat on you. and etc

    Just because someone is unpopular doesn't mean shit .
    You don't know what is going on in there lives and minds..

    I would advise u to be friends with the unpopular..
    Trreat others the way u want to be treated
    NOT all people who are unpopular are bad

    I was unpopular.. because I never got to make friends etc. . When I was at school
    I came home being abused and so much more..
    You know I was I was popular.

    But I realized that popularity is just a thing...
    People can act like they are all that when they are popular and bully others who r unpopular.

    I hope i got my point across


What Guys Said 2

  • If you like one more than the other it's called liking one more than the other. Just do it.

  • Then go with the popular one


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