My guy friend says he has a lot on his mind, what does that mean?

So I've been talking to this guy for a while and recently he's been kind of distant so I asked him if there was someone else and he told me he's not seeing or talking to any other females so I believe him because he's been honest every since I met him. Could he maybe be thinking about taking our relationship to the next level or could he have feelings for me? His friend told me he was upset because he wanted to see me but i have been busy and not giving him the attention I used to give but I thought he wasn't interested so I tried moving on. What do I do? And what could he had meant about a lot being on his mind?


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    • Why the pic?

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    • I'm confused. He seems stressed out and she's not understanding to give him space to let him work out his issues.

    • She's trying so hard to solve every single problem that when there is no problem, she creates one out of her own imagination.

      And his problem is something that is simply not any of her concern, and nothing for her to be concerned about, and that's why he isn't telling her about it.

      Sometimes you women, in your deep emotional discourse with everyday life, tend to forget that men are dealing with a lot more mundane, technical, workaday bullshit that might be a source of frustration for us, but emotional counselling isn't what we need, we need knowledge, technique, something that manipulates our environment, not our inner emotional selves.

      In other words, we can't usually manipulate our environment by just experiencing a feeling at the situation, we have to actually use our hands, or tools, or write an equation or something.

      You know, tangible shit.

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