Why did he delete our pics together online?

Last night, I saw something on my boyfriend’s laptop right before he shut it down so we could sleep. I saw that he had a tab open to google, showing results to “how to search women by ID”. I felt uneasy about it the whole night and kept waking up. When I woke up, he already left for work. I was browsing fb on my phone and opened his profile. That’s when I realized that he had erased all our photos together. I opened instagram and twitter and saw that he had deleted our pics there too. For some reason, I kept thinking of that tab he left open. Why did he delete them? Do you guys think it has something to do with his search history?


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  • Yeah he's looking for someone to get with and doesn't want her knowing about you

    • I think I deserve an explanation if ever he's not into me anymore. That cheating, right?

    • Its not cheating cause he's not into you anymore but it border line cheating that he's looking for someone else.

      And yeah you do deserve an explanation

      But it doesn't mean he's gonna give you one

Most Helpful Girl

  • It is weird that he was looking for ways to find a woman. However it could be some co-worker that he needs her contact number or something. Maybe some old lost relatives. I don't know... Now the photos thing, you should confront him about it. In my head there are two scenarios. One he might feel like it's childish to have the whole world know about your private life, because even if you feel in love you never know how things are gonna work out. And two he might have started losing feelings and is slowly starting to accept it , in the road to breaking up. I'm in NO way trying to worry you! I don't know your history and hope everything clears our. My advice is to calmly confront him.

    • I don't know what to say if I decided to confront him about deleting our pictures together. Or maybe I was just overthinking for what had happened. But still, I need to know what's happening, right? I understand that I don't need to know everything about him, or what he's doing especially with the social media issue, it's just that you cannot simply avoid yourself in thinking that he might be seeing someone else now or cheating. And for that tab he left open just made me feel like I'm not good enough for him.

    • I would definitely confront him too. Yeah you don't need to everything about your partner nor be controlling but when something has to do with you, affects you or involves you (which this does cause you're the one in the photos) you can ask him to explain what's going on.

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  • He probably trying to see somone on the side and dosent whant them knowing he is with you


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  • Maybe he wanted to quit all social media? I read an article about many people is leaving Facebook, Instagram and other social media.

    • Yes, but in this case, he still has his facebook. The only thing that kept me from worrying is that ALL of our pictures together were deleted.

    • It sounds fishy.

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