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I asked this girl out for a coffee date a couple weeks ago, she said "I'm sorry I have to fly to a meeting." So I just took that as she wasn't interested and didn't bother responding. And her IG stories that day I suggested showed she was in town. I ran into her last night and I told her "so when are we going to get together?" she said after the 13th. She's got a couple events she's planning before then.

The first time I asked her out she didn't even suggest another time but last night she provided a specific date. Not sure if she thinks we're just hanging out or not. When I asked her out, I made sure to put "date" in the text, I asked "coffee date Friday?" so there wouldn't be any confusion.


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  • It doesn't seem like she is interested.

    • I mean I thought she was showing signs, when i first met her one time we were on a call and she asked what my plans were that night.

    • Confront her. Ask her why is she giving you the cold shoulder. How old is this woman? Is she 40?

    • Like 34 I think

  • Yeah, sorry friend... sounds like she's not interested.


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