Guys, what would be some reasons for you NOT to like a girl in a romantic way?

Trying to figure out why the guys I like never seem to like me back...


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  • too pushy,

    expectations that are too high or too stifling,

    Not physically attractive,

    unapproachable (either because of differences of attitude, religion/outlook, economic class, politics, culture, etc. Even too much competition could do it if I thought that vying for her attention would just be a waste of time),

    Nitpicking everything I say (especially minor issues),

    Laughing at everything even when I'm clearly not even trying to be funny,

    If I literally can't think of a single thing to say to her besides small talk,

    if she's too friendly with other girls (to the point of seeming bi or lesbian. How am I supposed to compete with girls? They're way too beautiful/attractice. I entirely concede that point.) even if she assures me she's straight if she is too friendly with girls I'll have a nagging suspicion which I'll never be able to get rid of. It would just eat away at my esteem if I were to be in a relationship like that.

    Bad hygiene,

    Acting non feminine,

    Drugs, tattoos and piercings,

    Slutty reputation,

    If she's too stupid and I constantly have to slow even my thoughts for her,

    If she's too smart and I feel like I hold her back/ am intellectually inferior,

    way way too tall (a little taller than me is fine, but I don't want to tip toe to kiss her)

    If Her friend is way cuter and always outshines her,

    If she has no self respect,

    If I see her as a sister or professional peer,

    if she's crossed my bottom line some time in the past (I hold grudges)

    If I get the feeling she thinks I'm a creep

    That's about all the reasons I can think of for why I didn't think of a girl in a romantic light even though all the other factors lined up.

    • attractive**
      slow** down my thoughts

    • I have no clue why guys wouldn't like u though. Just with the limited sense I get from reading your words and looking at your picture I feel like I would definitely ask you out at least once or twice

  • Like you as a girl is allowed to not like someone for real or stupid reasons, we also can.
    Just like girls said, being nice is not enough for a guy to get the girl, so same for you, liking someone does not means he should like you back.
    It can happen u r not attractive anymore and not worth loving.
    That it.


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  • You're coming at the question from the wrong angle cause when I like someone it's because something about them makes me interested, not because they meet some specific list of "don'ts" I have.

    But to list some of the biggest reasons:
    -Not finding them attractive
    -Not having the kind of chemistry where you can talk for hours easily
    -If she seems fake
    -Not being able to make each other laugh
    -If she has mental issues or is an attention whore
    -If our morals are too different

  • Different morals, different long term life goals/incompatible ones, not enough in common (I need more than just physical attraction), she was a drug user so her offspring would likely have health problems, she has a kid by someone else already, she is friends with an ex, if she shows any signs of being a man hating feminist, or seems untrustworthy.
    Those are the reasons that keep me away from some people, regardless of their physical attractiveness.

  • it's just a matter of clicking with the person. also, if you're practically a stranger to him he may turn you down because of that.

  • Unless your views 9/10 are an antithesis of my own, you have constant body odor due to neglecting your self care or your attitude is generally awful.
    I don't care about race, religion, nationality, politics etc.

  • Maybe your expectations are too high if thats you on your picture you have all it takes so thats probably the problem you want a guy too good for you

    • Yes that's me.
      You mean the guys I like are out of my league?

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    • Its not weird its just I don't know what she's doing on the pic with her mouth

    • It's not usually weird haha. Thanks!

  • If a woman gives me a feeling of NO feminine then I could not really treat her in a romantic way.

  • You could be crazy, they could not like your looks,

    It can be so many things

  • Simply don’t connect emotionally, or they’re just not looking for romance

  • She's not nice. If I see her treating other people horribly i would be instantly turned off.

  • Maybe cuz they think u r too hot and that u won't be faithful

  • If she is rude cheats disrespectful doesn't want the same things

  • she's a bitch


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