I'm afraid I'll never get over him?

It's been a year and a half and Im still not over him. I've literally done everything to try to get over him and I guess I've made progress but I still think about him and care about him and still have feelings for him. It's not like I want to still be hung up on him this is literally the most frustrating thing in the world. Im afraid that I will never fully move on. Also this is the first time I've ever had feelings like this for someone in case that matters.


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  • I can't tell you how to get over him but I can give you advice

    So maybe you haven't accepted it's over completely let it sink in that he's not coming back and your not going back and that it's just better for you both (that's one)

    And yes this is the first time you've had such a strong attachment but you will find it again maybe it just wasn't meant to be and thats ok because there are other guys that are willing to love you and you have to believe it because if you don't it will only get harder now I'm not saying go out and search for that feeling (but you can) because your not over him yet

    Now here's something I always do and it's going to hurt but I find that it helps

    Lay down listen to some break up songs
    Close your eyes and breath think about what he taught you in that relationship think about what you learned about yourself what you like what you don't like ( whether it was him or the relationship) just think about your standards (at this point find some inspirational music) and just think about every thing and tell yourself that its going to be ok and that your going to climb this mountain and get over it

  • I feel the same way. But for me, I know, I'll never love another the way I love him.


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