Guys, I’m so confused.. what should I do?

Met a guy at the gym and started talking in person everyday at our gym. We would talk about everything and the topics were always so interesting. His actions told me he was interested because he wanted to be around me as much as I wanted to be around him but he never actually said or let on that he was. I took a risk and asked if he was single anyway and he said no. He never asked for my number or to see me outside of the gym so I figured he probably wasn’t keen then he kissed me..

The other night I gave him my number and he never messaged. I saw him the next day and decided to back away because I thought he was playing games. He was really pushing to talk to me but I said no as I wanted to finish my workout.

He ended up messaging me and telling me he was sorry for lying but he did in fact have a girlfriend. He’s from England and he said he wants to end things with her but he’ll have to leave the country. He told me he likes me a lot and knows he has to move gyms because those feelings would only get stronger. He said he never expected to get feelings and he was so sorry for putting me in this position. We are meeting in a few days to talk properly in person and I’m feeling so many emotions it’s not funny.

I don’t know what to do.
  • Get rid of him
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  • It seems he’s just as confused as you Hear him out
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  • Sounds genuine, if he becomes single give it a shot
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  • Sort the situation then give it a shot
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  • Nice
    He lied and u r trying to find truth.


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