I really need advice on this because I’ve been a tiny bit confused and I can’t really speak to anyone. Advice?

So here’s the tea. I started off this relationship that wasn’t labeled with my manager. At work there is this rule that managers and employees can’t date or hang out or we will get fired or transferred. But we keep it on the low and this has been going on for 4 months already. We kiss, go on dates, have sex, only do things with one another and no one else. We hang out or just talk for hours after work. It’s all amazing and he even mentioned thinking about using that four letter word the other day but not saying it because he wants to really know the meaning of it and then tell me. I do too of course because he means a lot to me. We both obviously love each other. And we don’t want to lose me each other but the thing that is bothering me is why he hasn’t asked me to be his girlfriend. Now i think about things and I feel it might be because of work. I talked about putting in my two weeks and he said if after that I would like to date him and I said yes. But I came to the conclusion that I can’t quit because work in the way we both get to see each other often because he lives 40 minutes from me. So, should I just wait until I find another job one day or is he using that as an excuse to not ask me? Because to me it seems like we are already dating and bf/gf just not labeling it.


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  • Eh you're probably just over thinking it

    It's most likely cause of the jobs rules

    • Yeah. I figured, thank you.

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