Can you win back someone you had a beautiful story with with sexual attraction?

I had a beautiful story with this guy, we were never in a relationship as we lived in different countries and only got to see each other occasionally. We got on so well and sex was amazing. He got a girlfriend back in his country and Even if in a first time we decided to try and keep up as friends, it didn’t work. We had been sexting and chatting all the time and fucking when we saw each other for two years so yeah.

I am in love with him and I believe he was too at least at a certain point. He used to say he would have wanted a family with me if only we hadn’t lived in the same place but at the time we were seine each other, neither of us had the possibility to move country.

Im sure he’s the one and I don’t want to lose him to a random girl without a fight.

I tried to tell him I’m in love with him but he says he can’t right now because he’s with her.

Our relationship was strongly sexual, what are he chances that I’m gonna be able to have him by playing the card of sexual attraction? His new girl is not attractive, she’s a friend of his so I guess he’s dating her because she was convenient and has a nice personality. But she’s really unattractive physicallly, objectively. She’s heavily overweight, has greasy hair, unattractive facial traits...

i would ve be able to move country right now that’s why I want things to start again.


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  • Well sexual attraction might be a strategy but it might not tip the cards in your favor. If he's having to go with his unattractive girl, there must be SOMETHING she has over you that keeps him to her. I believe you need to find that out. Then you leverage that to say, "She has this, I am better because I have this"

    • She lives in his same country and I live on the other side of the world. That’s it. She probably has a nice personality but I do as well, we used to get on so well and he used to say he appreciated a lot my oersonality...

    • Its a bit complicated when it's long distance. You'd have to convince him that having a long distance relationship is better than a real life one atm until you can move to there or vice versa.

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