Is he really clueless or Just acting clueless to get sex?

Verrry Long... Im 24 & me and a guy have known each other for 14 years now in our younger years he was chasing me since we were 10 to when we were 16 (i was afraid of what my friends and family would say... he's black) so i tried to keep it at a friendship level. Then when we turned 16 I really started to also have deep feelings for him and We started hanging out every now and then. I however fell pregnant by someone else when I was 19 a year after that the guy dumped me. Anyway me and this guy finally shared a kiss when we were 21 coz he had a cultural thing that he did which made him a man so before that he couldn't really do sexual type of stuff with me.. after that we sort of just see each other when we see each other he says he loves me but I don't know if the problem is that he doesn't know how to treat a woman or something else.. his friends or people that know him tell me all the time that he doesn't know women and that they think he is a virgin.. Last year he took me so he's mother could meet me she was nice and everything but something is off with his sister. He has told me before that the house they live in is her house and the house his grandma lives in is his house he takes me to his grandma's house all the time but when im at the sisters house as soon as she comes me and him must leave.. we had sex for the first time in December but then he went to visit his father's people in another state for 3 weeks he said he'll bring me a ring but he didn't... I feel like I should remind him all the time that he should b romantic but it doesn't go through his head. he's quick to say he's in the mood for sex but doesn't take me anywhere nice. he also doesn't put me on his profile pictures just his family members.. I dont mind anymore but I feel like he's just using me for sex.. I tried making him jealous it works coz a lot of man are interested in me but he's so stupid he just takes me back all the time! Please help


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  • Say to him, in clear words, that you want him to act more romantic. All these things that you would like him to do, that you are stating here, should be said to him. That's the only way for sure to know if he is willing to be that person.


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