If a guy is still in his exes messages flirting/ attempting to have sex with her how would you feel?

He goes out of his way to make sure I’m Good or happy. He chose me over her when she found out. We live together. He said he’s getting a tattoo of me and his initials. Him entertaining his ex must not mean much right?


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  • It's cheating if you are together or friend and girlfriend and have made a commitment as such then it is cheating unless you're planning on having a three-way

    • So even if it’s only text of him flirting and attempting to have sex with her, it’s still cheating? Like why would a guy want to get out initials tattooed, make sure I’m happy even if it’s a inconvenience for him, if he is still gonna be entertaining his ex? It’s confusing.

  • Let him chase her while you show him the way out period unloyal friends are users dump the punk

    • I guess. I guess it’s my fault to some extent. He was with her when we began talking/messing around. I felt like the special one when he chose me. I guess that meant nothing. He may have only did that because he got caught by her, who knows.

    • Duped by your own expectations lesson learned stop messing with men who are messing with someone else

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