Is she interested in me?

I asked a girl I work with out on a date a couple of months ago and she said maybe. Thereafter We still had conversations but it was slightly awkward on both parts.

I took the maybe as rejection and didn’t bother following it up.
Now, a couple months later she’s totally different towards me. She initiates conversation more than I do, views my statuses on social media and I happen to sms her and she responded within a minute where as before she took hours or days.

During the last couple of days every time I’ve spoken to her she’s spoken to me with a boost of energy (excited) and when alone with a childish/babyish tone of voice.

Is she playing me for attention or does she genuinely like me?


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  • didn't you ask this very same question earlier? 🤔 troll bot alert 😂


What Guys Said 1

  • She likes you. She's interested in you


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