Guys, Does he care for me? Or was it all a lie?

I use to be friends with this older guy, we use to be colleagues so that is how we first met. He is 20 years older than me and he has a girlfriend. but from the first time we met i just felt how well we got along, we kind of have the same personality.

After i quit my job we started to text a lot more than we had before, like 24/7 from morning until we went to bed. We even went out for coffee a couple times. And he always use to send pics of his food every day, (he’s a chef). This went on for months and months and he seemed to genuinely really care for me. I never saw him as a creep or perv until things startet to get a little weird...

he’s always been a bit flirty but that is just how he is in general so i didn’t think much of it until one day when he told me he was in love with me..

I told him i didn’t feel the same but that i love him as a friend and he said that he accepted that, but he didn’t stop trying to win me over and and flirt with me, and he started to flirt kind of in a sexual way too, and he said that he couldn’t stop thinking about me and stuff like that. so one day i just told him that i thought it was kind of creepy..

since then he hasn’t really texted me, He stopped replying to my texts 5 months ago..
i felt like out friendship was a big lie.
and out of nowhere yesterday he sent me a text saying ”Babe, i have a kitten that needs a home, help me out?” Like nothing ever happend... wtf?


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  • he is trying to make you his side girl alert abort run

  • Used you at his convience tellem keep the kitty your busy and dont have time for his act

    • I haven’t replyd to him, and not planning on doing it either. Im just so confused...

    • Confused you were used baited to be used AGAIN

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