How do I ask for someone's Snapchat?

There is this guy at college that I really think is fit and I have his Instagram but I don't know if he still uses it but I really want his Snapchat but I don't want it to be awkward between us at college so how do I ask for it?


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  • Well, there's two tactics you can apply and I'll be mentioning both. I prefer the former, but I think generally the latter is considered to be more effective:

    1. Come up with some elaborate plan where you create a situation wherein it's logical to ask for his snapchat. For instance, take a picture that he'll want to have or see and 'realise' that you can't send it to him. You can then ask for his snapchat so you can send it.
    If he says yes, success. If he says no, shrug your shoulders, walk away and try to literally drown yourself in your own tears.

    2. Walk up to him, ask for his snapchat.

  • can I have your snap chat been trying to get you on insta but I dont think you use it... exactly that

  • Be cool and ask him. He won't mind.


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