Ladies why does a guy have to do so many things to get the date?

I mean I've read on here that wear you put your hands is important when your approaching a girl. I try to give them at least 3 feet of space. I smile I ask questions to show an interest in them. I try to be funny and have a sense of humor. But I also know if one word is out of place. If I hesitate fo one second or have the wrong body posture I will never hear from that girl again. I feel like this is an audition for the Acadamy awards not asking someone out on a date. So my question is why do girls make it so hard for a guy when we approach you?


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  • Many times its because we've been screwed over and we want to see how sincere you are. If we turn your down, are you really that interested as to keep pursuing? My husband had to ask me out for almost 2 months straight! He chased me down like crazy. I had been screwed over and I wanted to know if he wanted a date that bad and wanted to get to know me, or if it was all just for something physical. if your seriously that interested in a girl, keep trying. Don't be like stalker crazy or anything. Give it a few days or weeks, and try again. Tell her you don't want anything other than a date, and your interested in getting to know who she is. Most likely she's heard that one before and will turn you down. But, keep trying. It doesn't hurt right? Just be careful! Look what happened to my husband! Now he's stuck with me hehe.

    • I agree. There are some girls who play games and they are not worth it, but many of us are not playing around just to be difficult, we want to know if you're worth it.

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  • Dude, you're really over-thinking this stuff. You don't have to be perfect.

  • Lol.yeah cause its dead easy for us ladies too! Not


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  • People don't date anymore. It's all about the hook up now. Dates put too much pressure on a woman because if a guy goes out of his way to take a woman out, then she feels she almost obliged to start going out with him. And she'd be a btich if she turned you down after all the money you spent on her.

    That's why women will just hook up at bars and clubs now because it's a win win for them now. If they don't like the guy they can just blame the alcohol and the guy for getting them in the sack. But if they like the guy, it's love at first sight.

    But you are ovetthinking it like the othe girls on this thread said. You're making it hard for yourself because you're wasting your energy on technical things like distance from a girl and questions and all that BS.

    I've seen guys go up to a random woman and grab their asses and they were boyfriend and girlfriend the next morning. I've seen other guys sit in the back of the room, and have women come to them.

    There is no scientific method to attract women. You either got it or you don't. If you don't, work on things that will help you. Wear better clothes, make more money, get a nicer car, get a pair of balls, anything that will make you more confident and less careful about how you are approaching women.

    If a woman is attracted to you, you can slap her ass and she'll still like you.

    I saw a couple in a bar once, and the girl was nagging nagging, blah blah blah. After a moment, the guy picked up his beer and then poured it on top of his girl's head. So then anotehr guy approached the boyfriend and said that's not a way to treat a woman. then the GIRLFRIEND defended the boyfriend. "You don't know my man! Leave us alone and mind your own business!" Then the boyfreind and girlfriend left hand in hand.

    Women aren't as delicate as you think they are man. Just relax and talk to them like a human. Not a goddess.

  • I don't do the chase thing. I don't play games. If a gal turns me down, I'll take that at face value regardless of whether or not she was just trying to make me chase her -- if she's childish enough to do that, she's not the type of girl I thought she was.

    I won't be held responsible for her past experiences.

    Some girls like to play 'hard to get', some girls don't. If you want to put up with it, you can, 'tis your choice. I have better things to do with my time. Then again, I also like to get to know a girl before I ask her out -- by then hopefully she knows I'm sincere. I've been turned down before, only to have them express interest later when they realized I was still the same guy; I didn't just stop talking to them simply because they weren't interested in anything more than friendship. Then of course I've been turned down, and that was that.

    As for technique, I don't use one. Not to say that I don't need to, I just don't like to go after a girl like, well, I'm auditioning for an Academy Award. Aheh. I'm direct and to the point - I ask her out. No equivocation, no posturing, a simple 'yes' or 'no'. I'd rather date someone who said yes to ME, not to the person who was acting in a specific way just to get her to say "yes".

    • I think that is a really good way, to get to know someone really well before. I know I would be more apt to say yes if I knew him well before he asked me out

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