Is it wrong to hookup (no sex) with a guy while you’re casually seeing someone else?

So I’ve been casually seeing a guy for about 6 months now. He’s great and I really like him but it’s been a while and still can’t commit to me but we have both said there is no one else. I met a guy at a bar and we kinda hit it off. We ended up making out and exchanging numbers but started to feel guilty about it so we stopped talking. My friends tell me not to feel guilty as we had the talk before but he said he wasn’t ready to be in a relationship. We are pretty much friends with benefits but it feels like more. I feel guilty because I like him and don’t know if I should tell him or not. Do you think it’s something I need to share with him?


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  • yes but if the guy you were seeing first is unable to commit to you then either tell him you cannot continue like that and see the new one or drop the new one...
    cos sooner or later you and he will will develop feelings the more time you are both spending together...
    and if you and he begin a serious thing or committed you could end up losing him for hanging out with the other one...


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  • 6 months casual is a loooonnnng time if you want more. Honestly u can just do it (you owe him nothing and he likely wouldn't chase away another hot girl if one threw herself at his feet) or you can use second dude as test. "I met someone I really like, I'm going to start dating him too unless you are ready to make this official" see what happens from there.

    • Oh... It's not wrong. You can't cheat on someone you aren't officially with.

    • That’s what my friends said. It just feels wrong. I actually really like this dude and want to be with him so I’m not trying to have to lie to him if it we end up together at some point. But... yeah I know it’s been hella long and my friends suggested I need to make him realize he’s not the only one.

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