Girls, Girl blocked me?

Please dont be rude, I did nothing wrong.
She is sick and cannot leave home and I will only see her next year in school and now she said she doesn't want to talk to me. She blocked me few days ago, but before that she was talking to me normally. Is it permanent? Maybe I could talk to her next year?
she said she needs to focus on her health now but didn't said I should not talk to her again. She liked me before, is it possible that she will change her mind?
I think her family doenst want her to talk to me...


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  • Blocking you is a pretty serious step. The ball is in her court, it's up to her if she establishes a communication with you again or not. I would try to move on and not focus to much since it's now out of your control.

    • Ok thanks

    • She mentioned something about her uncle too, maybe he made her block me?

    • Never mind, sorry for bothering you

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