I like this girl but afraid to date her as my mum becomes shallow when it comes to me being in relationships. What do I do?

I like this girl and she likes me. When it comes to me dating someone my mum always butts in my business. She judges my partner by their looks and backgrounds. The girl I like, we get on very well but her appearance she is kinda fat. Like 60kg but I'm 65kg (I'm skinny). As you can tell I go by personality and connection not by appearance. My mum also had this like ideal girl for me. She must look good, wear good clothing to parties etc and must have a big family. Me? I don't really care about all that. I just want someone I connect with.


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  • Sounds like your mom is the type that thinks no Girl is good enough for her son. Just Keep your girlfriend away from her as much as possible and not pay your mom too much heed.

    • This girl and I aren't dating... Yet. She does like me but just isn't ready for a relationship yet. We have both agreed to keep it casual until she is ready. So what do I do when she is ready for a relationship? PS: She does know my mum is like this.

    • Well, just have her be polite to your mom and you just let what your mom says go in one ear and out the other

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