Is it weird for a feminine girl like me to like feminine, sassy and fashionable guys (no chance of me being lesbian by the way)?

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  • Lol same here girl! I really like men who are a little bit more towards the feminine side. But that ain't a problem since all humans possess both the feminine and masculine side anyways. A man who's too masculine actually isn't my cup of tea, and I tend to overlook those types. I also like men who dress up really well, and if their style really suits them! Plus points for meee ^_^

    • Can you define masculine?

    • @iskg679 hmm well masculine in my own standards is actually just like how google would define it : ) someone with characteristics usually connected or stereotyped to males! for me personally, he would be someone muscular, likes to grow facial hair, a bit aggressive or vigorous, and sporty. I dont know how to explain much but you'd probably already get what I'm taking about

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  • It's just your preference that's all.

  • You like what you like so that's fine


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