Are we dating? why is it awkward?

thing is I met a guy online and we spoke a few times and seemed to have lots in common. we met up in a bar a few times over a few weeks , texted and got on well ...he's just moved to a nearby town for work and doesn't really know anyone else. I do like him cos of how much we get on, some things we have in common, I find him good looking and he's just a really nice guy...from the amount of times I've met him but its not like we've been friends before .

one night he came out with me and some friends (who knew that I liked him and advised me to say something) and the end of the night we were left together. it went quiet and I said that I kinda liked him and he said he did too. we kissed and said lets see how things go. we walked back holding hands. the next day we met up and spent all day together holding hands and kissing a few times. he invited me back to his so we hung out cuddled together watching TV. I didn't want to do anything else cos it would have seemed too rushed and tbh I've never really had a boyfriend, I've always been quite independent and just have lots of guy friends.we met later in the week with friends again and whereas my other two friends who are in a couple were all kissing and it looked natural with us it was a lot more was the last time I saw him before he went home for a few weeks for the holidays so I said to him alone again we would see how things go when he gets back. I hoped he would say that he really liked me and that he was just shy but nothing...we kissed goodbye and he didn't really say a lot and just agreed to see how things go. I sent him a text after saying that I enjoy spending time with him and hope he does too and he sent a reply saying of course he does but not a lot else.

so now he's gone back home for a few weeks and so far we have spoken on the phone a few times just about what we have been up to. he never says he is missing me or anything else...and somehow it would feel awkward if I said anything. so what should I do now when he gets back?ask him what's happening?carry on this way cos it will get less awkward?maybe we are both just shy?confused!


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  • I think you just see how things go, I don't think he is shy. wait and see, good luck

    It's awkward because you like him more than he likes you