Why would a guy confess his feeling to a girl a month before getting married to someone else?

He said I deserved to know that he was being genuine and that he does have feelings for me. What’s his point of doing that when he’s getting married to someone “he’s comfortable with.”?


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  • Maybe he just wants to confess his feelings. Maybe part of him hoped you'd reciprocate and tell him now to get married. Since that hasn't happened he can now move on knowing that he at least told you.

    • So what should I say to him? I’m trying to respect his relationship so I didn’t say anything

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    • Yes absolutely I really like him that’s why I don’t know what to say now?

    • Just tell him. Tell him that you wish things were different, that you wish he wasn't getting married so that you two could have given it a shot, and that you're happy to be his friend but that ultimately you know that part of you will always wonder "what if?"

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  • He wants it off his chest so he doesn't think about it.

    • Yea but then what? What was the point?

    • To take it off his chest and not think about it. Some people feel better when they do that.

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