Why would someone switch on u?

my friend... we used to go out every single weekend.. we would have fun... laugh etc. but for the last month ever since we started to work together she has been acting strange towards me... undermining me and also she stopped liking my pictures and then after a night of going out she switched on me and made me look like the crazy one who wasn't happy (i was enjoying the party) and then she started to threathen me after i stood up for myself.. to beat me up and all... why would someone suddenly switch like that? was she jealous all along?


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  • That's disturbing. Maybe someone spread a false rumor, Maybe she got jealous for some reason- hard to tell.

    • no one spread a rumor cause no one knows me at this town

  • Why when somthing happens do women assume jelousey was the cause

    • cause it happens so sudden

    • Lol so jelousey is the rational answer every time always no I'm not buying it maybe she had enough off being around u too much

    • hmm... no cause she iniated the partying and then she all of a sudden switched... she then wanted to talk it out and told her no and she called me a coldhearted bitch

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