My boyfriend took his female friend to a place I’ve been wanting to go. Does that mean I’m not a priority?

I’ve been wanting to go to this pet shop with him and I even mentioned it. I later found out he took his female friend there.

I was mad and I took it personally. I’ve never done such a thing to him nor have I ever treated him like crap.

He’s done a lot for me but it makes me feel like he didn’t care about me.

Does that hat reveal Anything?


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  • It pretty much doesn't. He thought it'd be a cool place to go, so he went with a friend. He might've even been checking if it were a nice place before taking you.

    • What if it’s been months since it’s happened and he has yet to take me when there’s been plenty opportunity? :(

    • If it's been months, then he probably forgot you wanted to go. We're pretty absentminded. Tell him you want to go again, and see what he says.

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  • Maybe he forgot u wanted to go or the shop was already on their way.
    Being the petty person I am though, I would be pissed too


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  • Probably just that he isn't as thoughtful as he should be and he needs to be a better listener.

  • I think it was just that it was a place they agreed would be fun to go as friends and he more sees your guys's relationship as a casual private hang together and less of a public event.

  • lol women... always complaining about anything


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