Guys - Help! What does he mean by "we're cool - stop stressing"?

So I was texting with this guy I like and started flirting/teasing but instead of joining in he sounded really pissed off in his reply so I stopped texting. A couple of hour later I sent him a message saying sorry, that I liked him and that I would like to get to know him better...He replied quickly and said that he wasn't pissed off, that "we're cool. Stop Stressing!" What does he mean by that?


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  • I guess "we're cool stop stressing" is the next best thing to not saying anything at all... *shrug*

    Ask him how he feels. Straight up.

  • It means "holy jeez this girl is nuts, why is she texting me 24/7? If she keeps this up I won't want to pursue anything with her"


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