Boyfriend has lied to me but said he would never cheat? Should I believe him?


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  • For now you should believe him. He is still growing up in a way and maturing. He will make mistakes and hopefully understands that cheating is too big of a mistake to make. You will cross that bridge if it comes to it.

    • He said he got cheated on and won't cheat

    • I know for myself how much pain getting cheated on caused me and I had to work through that. Still haven't cheated on someone and I never want to. It is up to him and how much he believes in his morals. If he is a strong person he can go a lifetime without cheating.

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  • Believe actions over words.

    • What r some actions he will cheat?

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    • I don't know he says he talks to them like friends

    • It’s up to you whether to believe that or not.

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  • I always say trust but verify.
    If you're worried about him cheating then what are YOU doing to ensure he doesn't? I find people tend ignore this perspective of the conundrum.

    • But what can I do to ensure he doesn't

    • Guys have three basic needs. If you supply them in spades they will remain true and faithful to you. I guarantee it.

      About half of women either don't believe it, think it's below them, can't be bothered, or simply refuse. Then they wonder why their man cheats or bails when someone else comes along and offers these.

      We had a young'n on here wanting to know if some goofy gift would make her boyfriend/husband happy. I said well maybe, but what he'll REALLY appreciate is a nice meal and fuck his brains out.

      And the respect this has gone way downhill - you see this all the time, women treating their man like a child, or an idiot. Even hollyweird gets in on this shtick. If you don't respect your guy and show him you love him he'll find someone who will.

      Couples madly in love with each other don't cheat. Period.

  • who cares if he cheats? only care if the girl is ugly


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  • Do you feel like you should believe him?

    • I don't know I just don't trust him but I'm too clingy to let go

  • It really depends on what he's lied about.

    • That he wouldn't drink or smoke marijuana. That he wouldn't send selfies to other people and that he wouldn't talk to ex.

    • He doesn't sound trustworthy to me at all... I'm sorry but I could see him cheating. :(

    • Awww really? :( but his ex said he's really trustworthy and they're just friends and she's in love with somebody else

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