Does he like me?

So about one month ago this new kid started in my class I don’t think it was love at first sight but it was definitely a crush at first sight. He is a few months older than me and he is really cute sweet and genuine we have been hanging out and talking but 3 days ago we started FaceTiming and we were just talking and stuff but yesterday we FaceTimed for about 7 hours and then we fell asleep on FaceTime (so technically it was 14 hrs but whatever) and woke up just the right time to say good morning to one another we went on a ‘date’ today I don't know if it was a date or not, we went to an amusement park and we rode all the scary rides and when I was anxious to go on a ride he told me I could do it and he was so sweet on one of the scariest rides I asked him if I could like it’s not hold his hand it’s more like you know that chain thing u do w ur arm and they like close together that’s what I asked him and he said yes so we went the whole ride like chained together we also went to the haunted house and in the begging it was scary and I grabbed his arm and he was ok with it but I don’t know if he likes me do you guys think he does and what are some obvious things to look for if a guy like you?


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  • It’s very obvious he likes you. It’s not rocket science, guys focus all their attention on the people they like. He could do this with other girls but it’s a very unlikely scenario.


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