I'm scared my boyfriend is going to hurt himself or someone else. Advice?

My boyfriend has anger issues and is really protective over me. I get bullied a lot by one person and it's been happening for 6 years. Now that I have a boyfriend, that person messes with him too. He got really angry and blacked out today. He didn't hurt anyone because I was able to restrain him but I'm worried that I might not be able to stop him next time or that I won't be around. He's never hurt me and I don't think he will but I'm worried he might hurt himself or someone else. Any advice?
Should I be afraid that he'll hurt me too? If he blacks out and can't control himself should I still try to help or should I just get out of the way? I really don't want him to hurt anyone or himself.


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  • Encourage him to have an evaluation by a psychiatrist. He may be quite resistant to that suggestion but it is possible that he has a mental disorder that is causing his explosiveness.

    • No mental disorder he might just be fed up with the crap

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    • OlderAndWiser pm me

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      I am getting ready to take my girlfriend out to dinner so I probably won't be online much later tonight, but I will be back online tomorrow.

  • Send me the boy who's bullying him and i'll give him back to you a sheep...

    Get help, talk to his parents and report him to a group which is related to bullying issues...

  • If u are getting bullied by someone else let him take care of it... I'm the same way with my girl I always take up for her that is our job.

    • But I'd rather not have him get suspended or expelled, or thrown in jail.

    • I understand that but person can only take so much

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