If I don’t use tongue, am I a bad kisser?

I don’t really enjoy using tongue when kissing. I kiss with my mouth a little open and will touch my tongue against their lip in the process of kissing but I won’t put my tongue in their mouth. I suppose I will reciprocate if I know a partner really likes it and is doing it to me, but I don’t understand the appeal and it’s just not my thing. Does this make me a bad kisser? My partners usually comment on it after we have been kissing for awhile — saying “why don’t you use your tongue?” Or jokingly, “hey, do you like... not have a tongue?” They seem to adjust to the way I kiss after awhile, but It recently occurred to me that maybe the first reaction that they have is that I am just a bad kisser?


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  • You’d be a bad kisser to me

  • It is fine.


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