Girls, A girl I've been friends with is very confusing. Any help?

So a girl who just transferred to my job several months ago and I have been talking and been friends for months now. She knows how I feel about her but she says she isn't interested in anything right now. She got divorced in February so I'm sure that's part of it but she also told me she does like me. We go out and hangout all the time, get along great and our chemistry is perfect (at least in my eyes). She gave me a date that we could actually go out on a legitimate date and if it works then we would stick with that and if it didn't then we would stay friends and try again later (time negotiable). Anyone have any advice on this whether it's something I should do, just give it time, move on, anything?


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  • She's too old for you

    • She is 2 years older than me. Normally older women aren't what I go for this one just kinda happened

    • I think you give it time because she recently got divorced. Keep being the sweet guy you are and take her out for coffee. Hopefully she'll say yes to you

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