What did my ex boyfriend mean by this?

After my ex boyfriend and I broke up he has been posting cryptic messages on social media. He posted a status saying he missed our relationship and what we had. I'm still pretty hung on him because the break up was very sudden. He treated me terribly so I'm not going to take him back. But recently he posted this.

"One only wonders what feelings are tucked away inside the safe that is ones mind. The words they bring and the world they give. No one person is going to make the world for anyone. No one person is going to make a smile. No one person will show you what love is. It's a magical thing, that only happens to those who are willing to share their codes. I guess I haven't given that code out... Because I guess I just haven't found my world."


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  • I've read this about twenty times now and I think I get it... His feelings are locked away and without them he can't enjoy interacting with himself or others. He also can't trust himself or others because of this. He wants love but again void of his emotions he can't enjoy it. He hasn't figured himself out and therefor is stuck sitting on the safe in his grey little world, probably playing video games until answer comes.

    • So he'd not love or be loved because of his insecurities? I remember all he did was play video games. I never want to live a grey life so he's welcome to do that.

    • Pretty much. It's going to take him a while to for him to catch up to where your are now emotionally. And even then he'd still not be equal to your emotional maturity.

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  • He's your ex.
    Maybe he's trying to get you, maybe he didn't mean anything by it. Only he can answer it. But the point is, what do you want do with that information? Why you want to know? Knowing it is only going increase the complexity.

    You can just ignore it and move on, however tough it may seem

    • I want closure because the breakup was so sudden and his excuses were lame. I think you're right though. The thought of him not ever loving me made me upset, and I just got over him. The way I interpreted it was that he didn't allow himself to love me because of his insecurities. Which make sense. He's a veteran, he rarely talked about his PTSD, and he didn't want to open himself up.

    • Well I see. I have read somewhere that wanting closure can sometimes complicate matters.
      It was sudden and all, maybe you're right , he wasn't ready to love you. Leave it at that and let it go. It's really tough, but you have to do it.

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  • Sounds like he is trying to control you with those posts, he's probly the possessive boyfriend type. I think you should stay away and block him from any social media

    • I think you're right. Our relationship was borderline toxic. I work at a hospital, and when a patient of mine assaulted me, he never once checked to see if I was okay. Not even a phone call or text. The fact that he couldn't take five seconds to send a text asking if I was okay, was the nail in the coffin for me. I was thinking about how to go about ending things with him before he broke up with me first.

    • Yeah, he totally knew the relationship wasn't working out, so he broke up with you first so it would make HIM feel better. Now he wants to see if he can get you to crawl back to him to feed his own ego, and if you did, he would still be a crappy boyfriend. Ugh! can't stand guys like him

  • Means nothing about you.


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